Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Sitting at a desk or standing all day can be hard on the muscles not to mention the joints. Relaxing can be a real chore when your body is tied up in knots from remaining in one fixed position for most of the day. What you need now is a deep tissue massage to iron out the kinks.


A deep tissue massage works well for people who suffer from chronic pain as a result of their jobs. It seems to go away for a while but comes right back. Places of recurrent muscle pain are mostly the neck and shoulders and the lower back. A deep tissue massage is in the cards for you.

What to Expect at your Massage

As in most Western massages, you will lie on a massage table. It could be one with the hole for your face or you may be asked to turn your head to the left or right. You will have to remove your clothing, but how much you feel like shedding is up to you. You remain covered with towels the entire time.

Massage oils are used to cut down on friction between their hands and your skin. With a deep tissue massage, there will be pressure touches with the fingers and also the elbows. As soon as the massage therapist touches you she will be able to tell just where the problem is.

Immediately after the massage, your body may feel sore. The muscles have been sorted out and some areas will feel tender. After a day or two, the relaxation tends to take over and you feel the full benefit of the deep tissue technique. You’ll be astonished by the lack of tension in your muscles.

Schedule a Deep Tissue Massage Today

Has pain got you down or stress tying you up in knots? Try a deep tissue massage to work out the pain and knead in the comfort.

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