Joint Pain Relief

There are several types of joint pain, arthritis being the most common. Every time you move your fingers, bend your knees, bend or straighten your arms, the pain can be excruciating. Doing the things you love is tough as movement is restricted.

If you suffer from a type of joint pain don’t be discouraged there are many treatments for your pain. Changes in your diet can help keep your weight down thus reducing the added pressure on your joints.

Medicines can reduce joint pain and inflammation while chiropractic care, massage and physical therapy can help increase motion. Exercise can also help increase the strength in these joints for a stronger body.

With this multi-modality approach to joint pain, it’s now possible to once again live life to its fullest and experience lasting pain relief. Just think how great it would be to just wake up in the morning and go on with your day minus that annoying shoulder, hip, knee or hand pain!

Our Joint Pain Relief Program

At our office, the first step towards living pain free begins with a one-on-one pain evaluation to discuss the history of your pain including past treatments and outcomes. I will also perform a lifestyle and diet assessment to help identify contributing factors to your pain such as certain activities, body weight and food allergies!

If after the initial screening I have determined that my program can help your particular pain syndrome, the next step will be to perform a comprehensive physical examination as well muscle and joint analysis to determine the source of your pain and diagnose the problem. If additional testing is required, such as x-ray or MRI will be ordered!

Once the origin of your pain has been determined through the clinical evaluation and examination, specific joint relief treatments will be prescribed which may including trigger point therapy, joint adjustments and physical therapy to help increase joint flexibility and muscle strength. At the conclusion of care, a home therapy program will be given to help keep you maintain your level of correction.

Since diet has a strong influence on inflammation and joint pain, I will recommend an anti-inflammatory diet and nutritional supplements to help reduce your pain syndrome. What I have found over the years is that many chronic pain sufferers eat the wrong kinds of food or unknowingly have allergies to certain foods such as dairy products, wheat, beef and yeast that can actually increase inflammation and pain!