Pre-Natal / Pregnancy Massage

Most types of massage are not recommended for women when they are pregnant without doctor approval. But, who needs a massage more than a pregnant woman?  Now, there are massage therapists that specialize in pregnancy massage.

Keep reading now to find out how it works.


If you enjoy massages you can still enjoy them even while pregnant. The same benefits apply to pregnancy massage as to a traditional massage.  The gentle feel of the kneading palms promote better circulation in the limbs. This feels especially good when carrying a baby because the extra weight can put a lot of pressure on joints. As the baby rolls around, circulation can be compromised which causes pain when sitting or standing.

Choosing a Therapist

When choosing a massage therapist, ask if he or she is trained in pregnancy massage. Not everyone understands the delicacy of the condition. Traditional techniques don’t work well because they can endanger the baby and the mother.

That’s why at Pfeffer Chiropractic, our licensed massage therapist is certified in pregnancy massage. A trained pregnancy massage therapist understands the changes that go on in the body. Organs are shifted up or sideways to make room for the baby. The baby is in a different position at any given time which could put his head near the surface of your abdomen. Pressing too hard there could be dangerous.  Your therapist needs to know how to deliver a warm relaxing massage while understanding the anatomical changes that occur in the miracle of pregnancy.

Once you have found the right therapist, it’s time for the fun to begin for you and your baby. Pregnancy is a stressful and joyous time. Your hormones are running rampant and your body is not your own. Your willingly share it, but the aches and pains along with morning sickness do take their toll.

What to Expect During Treatment

The pregnancy massage doesn’t take place on a traditional massage table. To make the mother feel comfortable and protect the baby, your massage table will be positioned like a beach chair.

As with a traditional massage, your body will be covered with towels so you don’t feel exposed. Since you will be turning from side to side for the massage, it is up to you what you feel comfortable wearing. Since your lovely baby has likely stretched your body beyond recognition, you may not care about a little skin showing during a massage.

To set the mood, soft music is played and the lighting is kept low. As you relax, your heart rate and blood pressure will go down and you and baby can enjoy the experience. Pregnancy massage is not recommended for women with a history of blood clots, preterm labor, and other conditions specified by your doctor.

Schedule a Relaxing Massage Today

Take a break from it all and have a massage. Pregnancy doesn’t have to stop you. Let our trained pregnancy massage therapist work out the kinks and make you feel good all over.

To schedule a relaxing massage with our licensed Massage Therapist, give our office a call or visit the contact us page.